Guy Fawkes  Competition Rules

  • All monies raised will be used to support Rotary-Congleton good causes.
  • Guys must have a minimum height of one metre.
  • All guys must be built from scratch by the entrant ( No commercial dummies etc allowed)
  • You can use any material you like to build your Guy. However, when choosing materials please bear in mind how to dispose of your guy after the competition
  • Your guy must be made and displayed in good taste. Any entrant designing their Guy which causes deliberate offence will be disqualified.
  • Your Guy must be displayed at the front of your property and should be positioned so as it is unnecessary for the judges to access your property in order to view it.
  • Your Guy must also be securely fixed to prevent it from blowing away and not be a danger to or possibly cause injury to anyone.
  • Entrants are solely responsible for the safety and security of their Guy. Rotary- Congleton will not be liable for any consequential damage for any reason.
  • Entrants are responsible for the safe disposal of their Guy on the 5th Nov.


  • The Judges will be appointed by Rotary-Congleton.
  • Judging will be from photographs taken at the roadside from around 30 Oct.
  • Only Guys registered on the website will be considered by the judges.
  • The judges reserve the right to photograph some or all entries and to publish the name(s) of entrants(s) and/or approximate location eg roadname. 
  • The Judges interpretation of these rules (and any decision made by them) are absolutely final.                                                                                                       BY ENTERING THE ROTARY CONGLETON GUY FAWKES COMPETITION YOU CONFIRM THAT YOU AGREE TO THESE CONDITIONS