Joining Congleton Rotary Club can be an exciting way to be a part of a large, international group. Being a Rotarian is a commitment but one that can become very satisfying and rewarding.  Beyond attending meetings, prospective Rotarians should think about the role of service in their lives. Congleton Rotary focuses on four service areas including club, vocational, community and international.  There is also a strong focus on fellowship and a social backbone to Congleton Rotary that makes it stand out in the district. 

We are here to help our local community



Get in touch and you can be invited to a meeting when you can see if its for you   Subsequently you can be become a full member

OR join initially as"A Friend of Rotary" 
 (Watch the videop below to help eradicate the top five myths regarding Rotary)


Brian Hogan

Congleton Rotary Secretary