Club President - Stew Price

I am a retired military and airline pilot, married to Jane with 2 adult girls. Originally from Yorkshire, I have lived in Congleton for over 30 years. I joined Rotary some 2 years ago and although it's a very large international organisation for me Rotary is all about what we do at club level in helping the local community, meeting people and having fun.



Membership Services - Kevin Thompson

I joined Rotary in 2016.What I really enjoy is being with like minded people who want to give something back to their community. Before I joined I had no idea just how much Rotary Congleton does to support so many amazing causes and events in and around Congleton. Rotary are totally understanding of people like me who work full time and with a young family that spare time is limited and all they ask is that you do what you can when you can to help them make a difference. However, what truly amazes me is that Rotary is a global family of 1.2 million volunteers and the collective strength of all these people doing their bit is making a huge difference to society - I am proud to be a Rotarian


Youth Services - Eric Westwood



Press Officer/Photographer - John Gauld

My Career in advertising and PR started in London in the mid 60's. In Manchester I was a company director from the ealry 70's until retiring as chairman and MD of a marketing communications group in 2002.

In semi-retirement I work as a specialist architectural, interiors and events photographer. I have  a post graduate degree in business management. I joined Rotary to make friends when my wife and I moved to Congleton and to contribute in the local community.



Treasurer - David Worth

photo to come



Club Secretary



Community & Project Leader



Foundation - Ian Robinson



Compliance - Brian Hogan